1. “Unorthodox Press Announcement” Magnepan just announced an updated revision to its MMG, now called MMGi. The USA retail price of the MMGi is $650 pair. All the policies of the MMG home trial program applies. According to Wendell Diller of Magnepan: “MMGi [is] the first sonic upgrade since the MMG was introduced in 1995. It [...]

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  2. May 18, 2016 – This just in from Pass Laboratories: “At Pass Labs, we don’t change our products unless we feel that the changes are significant improvements over previous versions. Because of this we see typical product life spans of seven to eight years. We are constantly working on and listening to new things and [...]

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  3. Arrival and Set-up No matter how hard you try, receiving new gear is always problematic, particularly interfacing with the shipper. Some months ago, I contacted Audio Note (U.K.) about the possibility of getting an Audio Note M10 Signature for review. Later, I received an email from Audio Note (U.K.) that they had completed a review [...]

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  4. EXOGAL Audio announced today that they are returning to the High-End Audio Dealer channel and have appointed Burton Jay Rosenberg as their official Manufacturer’s Representative. “We’re pleased to have  Burt on board since he has a reputation for spotting trends in the industry and for making life much simpler for the dealers with whom he [...]

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  5. If you spend any amount of time in on-line audio forums, you’ll quickly realize that there are some things you just don’t talk about. One of them is the use of cables in high-performance playback systems. Sure, they’re necessary; however, opinions on how or even if different cables can differ in sound quality are all [...]

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  6. A view from the retail mainstream Streaming is quickly becoming the next big thing in audio these days. My intent in writing this article is to give a brief description of each of the major players in today’s market. There are three approaches to streaming. The first is from those companies whose products are compatible [...]

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