Digital Audio Review

On a journey to a better sounding destination.
  1. From (almost) under the shadow of its leaning tower, Pisa’s m2Tech have overhauled their website to (in part) launch a new set of products. The Italian company’s Rockstars Series will ultimately provide everything needed for a complete hifi system: just add loudspeakers and a turntable. Landing in October will be the Nash MM/MC phono stage […]
  2. The Nightfly – it reminds me of my teenage years in which my Dad would spin his vinyl copy on a Dual turntable, through a Sansui amplifier and B&W loudspeakers, and talk of how the Donald Fagen solo debut reminded him of his teenage years. This must’ve been how I caught the ‘good sound’ bug, […]
  3. For every professional, there is a con man. Oops. I meant to say, for every pro, there is a con. For every yes, there is a no. Today is about the latter. Or nomad not yes man is Frederic Vanden Poel, designer of the 432 Evo music server of Belgian brand Klinktbeter. What follows landed […]
  4. Pushback on cables — it comes with the audiophile territory — but the strength of the opposing force can vary with the type of cable at hand. Back in the late 70s, if you’d suggested anything but the most basic phone wire be used for loudspeaker hookup, you’d have been laughed out of your own […]
  5. Product announcements are like buses. You wait all day for one and then two show up at once. DAR’s post on Schiit Audio’s new Eitr/Gen 5 USB had already gone live when a second press release arrived from Jason Stoddard. So here we go…again. The Californian company are today formally announcing a new power amplifier, […]
  6. USB audio. Whatever your DAC’s USB performance, it can always be improved upon. We seem to be forever fixing USB’s qualitative shortcomings. Four or five years ago, USB-S/PDIF converters like the Audiophilleo, Wyred4Sound’s uLINK, Resonessence Labs Concero and the JKSPDIF were the most talked about products in digital audio. These devices re-clocked USB data before […]
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