Digital Audio Review

On a journey to a better sounding destination.
  1. FEZ. Located 15kms south east of Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, the Freizeit- und Erholungzentrum translates (literally) to a ‘free time and recreation centre’ for those visiting Wülheide’s green spaces, open-air music auditorium or kids playgrounds. But for three days last week, the FEZ played host venue to something different to its usual family-friendly speed: Superbooth ‘17 – a […]
  2. 12345678. Eight full-album live performances recorded between 2012 and 2016 during Kraftwerk’s world tour of venues less ordinary will be released on May 26th by Parlophone in both expansive box set and abridged versions. 3-D The Catalogue will land in a wide variety of formats including vinyl, CD and download. Most exhaustive / feature-packed of the bunch will be […]
  3. Room to roam. For the North American-based hifi journalist, audio shows are plentiful: CES, RMAF, CAF, Vancouver Audio Show, California Audio Show, Salon Audio Montreal, the always moving NYAS and, for 2017, two Los Angeles events replace T.H.E. Show Newport Beach. For this overseas-located journalist with much further to travel, each event presents a conundrum: to attend or not to attend? […]
  4. A pair of 4″ Kevlar mid/bass drivers and a 1.5″ titanium tweeter powered by a 100 watt Class D amplifier. Nothing out of the ordinary. Now add internal DAC with TOSLINK input and a 3.5mm analogue socket to keep the turntablists happy. Still a fairly vanilla powered loudspeaker. Stir in Bluetooth to make it Mom-n-Pop-friendly. We’ve […]
  5. Just exactly how tasty is that new coffee? “It’s great – I really like it”, says Respondent A. “I can taste the bean! It’s easily as good as many more expensive coffees!” exclaims Respondent B. Neither responses are particularly helpful. What you like might not be what I like. And isn’t tasting the bean the whole […]
  6. Repeat one. For this installment, it’s not about repeating a music track. It revisits an issue covered in an earlier KIH. Why revisit it? Because it can be a game changer. It minimizes problems with the front wall. Here I’m referring to the wall in front of you, i.e. the one behind the speaker. Some […]
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