Digital Audio Review

On a journey to a better sounding destination.
  1. Clean, incisive and open – that’s one way to describe the overall gestalt of an all balanced armature-equipped IEM, especially when compared to their warmer, punchier dynamic driven counterparts. How about the best of both worlds? A hybrid IEM might be the answer — one that combines balance armature (BA) and dynamic driver in a […]
  2. Chord Electronics’ first foray into portable audio came three years ago with the Hugo — a DAC and headphone amplifier brick that goes where you go. The Hugo set this British manufacturer on a fresh trajectory, catering to headphone listeners on the go. What Chord didn’t anticipate was how the Hugo’s standalone DAC performance would […]
  3. DAR turns seven years old this month. That’s seven years of turning up every second day (or thereabouts) with thoughts on the world’s best audio gear. The name might read Digital Audio Review but turntables and vinyl are welcome. This past year has seen a stronger focus from yours truly on products that build a […]
  4. Three months ago we asked if iOS would add native FLAC to the iPhone and iPad? With Apple this week announcing the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, we have our answer: yes – kinda. Eyeballing the audio specifications for the forthcoming iPhone 8 and iPhone X, we see: “Audio formats supported: AAC-LC, HE-AAC, HE-AAC v2, […]
  5. One. The greatest hifi product of the last five years? KEF’s LS50 Wireless (US$2199) stand head and shoulders above the rest. Why? These loudspeakers are a complete high-end audio system in a box. With one eye on the more expansive world that exists beyond the audiophile ghetto, audiophile tweakery has been shown the door in […]
  6. Up above. A pair of loudspeakers enjoy equal static demo status as a motorbike and a piano. Yamaha’s display at the Messe Berlin in 2017 is typical of IFA – “the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances”, according to its organiser. IFA? Internationale Funkaustellung. Translating from German to English: Internationale = […]
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