Digital Audio Review

On a journey to a better sounding destination.
  1. What came first, the chicken or the egg? With writing and reading, the answer is easy. The written word can, happily or not, exist without anyone ever reading it (author excepted). However, readers without something to read aren’t possible. For that equation, clearly the writing came and still comes first. With luck and perseverance, the […]
  2. The AURALiC Polaris (US$3799/€3995) isn’t just an integrated amplifier, it’s a super-integrated amplifier. The ante-upping terminology is my own. AURALiC refer to their all-in-one with more matter-of-fact modesty: the Polaris is a Wireless Streaming Amplifier. Whatever we call it, the Chinese company have loaded a veritable bounty of functionality inside a single, low-profile chassis to which […]
  3. Do you have renter’s insurance? No? Well, soon you might need it. The music industry is slowly but surely transitioning from an ownership model to a renter’s model – for a monthly fee we get the privilege of streaming our favorite tunes. The “privilege.” And when I say “our tunes” I don’t really mean it like we own […]
  4. With Roon Core running on a server – any PC/Mac or QNAP/Synology NAS – we can stream music to Roon Ready to devices like the AURALiC Polaris, the PS Audio DirectStream DAC, the Ayre Acoustics QX-5 Twenty, HiFi Berry and IQAudiO, all via the company’s in-house designed (and asynchronous) RAAT protocol. Roon’s hardware partners now number sixty […]
  5. “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.” ― William Gibson Uncomfortably numb. Middle aged white dudes – they’re the dominant force at almost every event on the Stateside hi-fi enthusiast’s calendar. At regional shows like RMAF and AXPONA, we see an abundance of middle aged white dudes showing off their wares to other […]
  6. When did you last take a week off work? A week away from the office; away from meetings; from phone calls; from email; from Skype; from instant messages? For this audio journo, it was January 2010, a full nine months before DAR was born. A whopping seven years (7!) have passed without any significant disconnect between DAR and I. Seven […]
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