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Issue 79 May/June 2015 New Issue Is Up!
  1. Power cords are a specialty within the category of audiophile connectivity that is mighty important. Those supplied with the gear, regardless of price, are merely included to allow the equipment to meet specifications and light the LEDs. They are best discarded and upscale cords should be used to tune your system for maximum performance. I generally employ power cords to max out definition and shade the music for timbrel rightness.
  2. I wrote a rather extensive review relating my experience with the DEQX Mate in Issue 67 where I quite succinctly reported how wonderful the unit was in making ALL things better with respect to my music.
  3. So here we have the Beethoven loudspeaker cables from Skogrand that at $22K are something I tend to never review. Actually make that never ever ever review. Just not at a price point that I am comfortable with, or one that I would ever consider as a purchase option—and yes, even with an industry accommodation. Meaning that if it is not something I could ever afford, then it is not really something for me to write about, therefore not a price point I am familiar with either. But here they are all the same. Left with me since mid 2014 and, well, yeah damn I have had them in and out of the system since then and, well, yeah damn it has been a struggle to put into words what I have been hearing with them in the system… though easy to express what I hear with them out of the system.
  4. It's safe to say that mentioning John Tucker's eXemplar audio to an audiophile is likely to get one of three reactions. The most likely reaction is a blank stare accompanied by the questions "Who?" and "What?" There's a smaller group who hears the name and asks, "That guy with the big horns?" The third, least common, reaction tends to be wide smile and some variation on the theme of "I'm a huge fan!" That reaction is something like a secret handshake. If you're in the first two groups, you might need a little explanation why some of us are so firmly in that last group.
  5. There's just something musically magical about the performance of idler-wheel Garrard transcription turntables that keeps me fascinated with them. Certainly the vintage Garrard 301 represents a beloved milestone of turntable design that remains enduringly popular with hi-fi enthusiasts to the present day, and who, like the 1956 Garrard advertisement below suggests, have concluded that Garrard is still among "The finest record-playing equipment in the world". (Allow me to thank the Local Studies and Family History Group at Swindon Central Library for the use of their archived vintage Garrard advertisements in the article – thank you!)
  6. As I was contemplating where to start this review of the Raven Audio Shadow Reference Stereo amp, the words 'natural ease' popped into my head. Why? Because there is a natural ease about this amplifier that is simply captivating.
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