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  1. One of the questions I’m often asked by fans of vintage hifi, is where to find an upgraded interconnect cable that sounds better than standard issue Best Buy/Radio Shack cable, but doesn’t have a four figure price tag. Just as you can’t fit a pair of 19-inch wheels and low profile tires under the wheel [...]
  2. There is a coherence to the single ended triode design that is tough to ignore. Passing the signal through a single triode in the output stage has a grain free purity that will have you converted in no time at all. Critics around the world raved about the original version of this amplifier (Priced at [...]
  3. Steve Earle is an esteemed musical veteran, but there was a time when the Texas troubadour was the new kid on the block. He first landed in Nashville in 1974 at the age of 19, just in time to see the outlaw movement break wide open with Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson leading the way. [...]
  4. For the next two weeks, Audio Research is offering a “trade up” program, with up to 75% of original MSRP on selected models. This is a great way to get that system update you’ve been pondering, and we think this is a pretty cool way to make the process easier. How many times has the [...]
  5. Jason Isbell goes home on the remarkable The Nashville Sound. While the notion of place has always played a considerable role in the singer/guitarist’s music, the comfort, grounding, and direction it provides on his sixth studio album have never been greater. Economically concise and conversationally poetic, this a record on which Isbell lets us see [...]
  6. Ballet, by trumpeter Cuong Vu’s 4tet with guitarist Bill Frisell, functions as sort of a double sequel. In 2015, Cuneiform released Michael Gibbs & The NDR Bigband Play a Bill Frisell Set List: Gibbs arrangements of tunes Frisell composed or played. This short set of Gibbs compositions returns the favor. It was captured  in January [...]
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