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  1. It only seems fitting to play Lou Reed’s “Vanishing Act” while listening to these marvels of German Engineering. The difference in his haunting solo vocal on this track compared to listening to a more traditional cabinet speaker is astounding. With the lights low in the listening room, it comes close to feeling like Reed is [...]
  2. 2017 marks the 40th anniversary of conrad-johnson design inc. and to celebrate, we are introducing two new anniversary tube amplifiers – the ART150 and ART300. These amplifiers employ the recently developed KT150 output tubes. A single pair of KT150s produces 150 Watts per channel in the ART150 stereo amplifier, while two pair produce 300 Watts [...]
  3. Tracking through an old MoFi favorite, Yes’ Close to the Edge, via the nearly $60,000 combination of Grand Prix Monaco 2.0 turntable, TriPlanar tonearm and Lyra Etna cartridge, it’s hard to believe it’s all playing through a $995 phonostage. The soundstage is massive, and the dynamics convincing, with a great deal of fine detail. The [...]
  4. Many think of France as a center of art and culture, famous for their wine, cuisine, and style. Two hours from Paris, as the high-speed train goes, is the city of St-Etienne, where Focal is headquartered. In this high-tech mecca, lurks a company with both feet firmly planted in the latest technology and hands-on craftsmanship. [...]
  5. After the initial success I experienced with the Equi=Core 300 from Core Power Technologies, it only made sense to request review samples of their big-boy 1200 and 1800 (watt capacity) models. At $1,399 and $1,799 respectively these two not only feature fully balanced power, but feature four Hubbell duplex outlets. This should be more than [...]
  6. Vinyl enthusiasts embracing analog well beyond the entry level is becoming more and more common, with many of our readers possessing or contemplating multiple turntables, or at least a turntable with two (or more) tonearms. The more diverse your record collection and shopping habits, the more having more than one cartridge at the ready makes [...]
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