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  1. There seems to be a lot of options at the cheap and cheerful as well as the crazy money ends of the analog spectrum. However, the analog lover that wants to make a solid step up from their budget deck often has to search a bit harder to find a solid performer without mortgaging their [...]
  2. Whenever I see William Parker in action, I’m reminded of the first time I watched him play, at New York’s Sweet Basil as part of Cecil Taylor’s band in the early 80s. Thirty-five years later, he’s an icon of the NYC experimental-improv scene and a reliably physical jazz bassist who can make a fierce thump [...]
  3. Features Old School: The Klipsch LaScalas – A Work in Progress 995: Hagerman’s Cornet 3 Phonostage By Jerold O’Brien Journeyman Audiophile: Atoll Electronique IN100se Integrated Amplifier By Rob Johnson TONE Style Wino:  It’s in the Can BMW M Mouse Ikea PS 2014 Ischia Swim Trunks Radio Shack Digital Infrared Thermometer Pantone USB Drives Porsche Design [...]
  4. Dasher leader Kylee Kimbrough said in a recent interview that one of her favorite things about her time spent living in Bloomington, Indiana, relates to the fact that most of the houses in the city have basements. The Atlanta native’s love of the subterranean should be relatively apparent after one spends a few moments with [...]
  5. My now departed Kerry Blue Terrier, Harry was the world’s most stubborn dog. When he didn’t want to budge, there was no moving him. He was “You’re going to sit at that table until you eat those Brussel sprouts or you’re going to bed hungry” stubborn. When it comes to audio tweaks, especially anything the [...]
  6. Composer and flute virtuoso Nicole Mitchell now teaches in Southern California, but her music remains rooted in Chicago, where she recorded Mandorla Awakening II with hometown colleagues. As a former president of the city’s Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM), she reserves the right to draw on any music that interests her, remaking [...]
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