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  1. The older we get, the more difficult it is to remember some of life’s firsts. Once, while chatting with Jerry Seinfeld about his Porsche collection, a big smile came across his face recalling his first 911; a red, early 80s Carrera, and how hard he had to work to get that car. “You never forget [...]
  2. If you’re subwoofer curious, but not sure which way to turn, you’re not alone. We asked the folks at SVS to share some of their tips with us. Here’s their advice on how to choose the best sub for your HT or 2-channel system: WHAT IS THE BEST SUBWOOFER FOR YOUR HOME AUDIO SYSTEM? Bass [...]
  3. Industry leader iFi has just announced that their new nano iDSD LE is the biggest selling DAC in Japan. Exciting news from this company that produces a wide range of products, all combining a compact form factor with high performance and reasonable price. We expect to review the nano iDSD LE shortly….
  4. Pass Labs HPA-1 Headphone Amplifier $3,500 The toughest part of this headphone amplifier was whether just to write it up as the world’s best $10,000 preamp for $3,500 or a $3,500 headphone amplifier with an impressive preamp thrown in as a value-added proposition. Much like the Coincident Statement reviewed in this issue, the HPA-1 [...]
  5. What do in ear monitor (IEM) phones lack? Big bass and dynamics. Am I right? Much like the music of Dmitri Shostakovich, the Stereo Pravda SB-7 in ear monitors are bold, dynamic and almost scary – offering bass, dynamics and coherance I’ve always found lacking with other IEM’s. Listening to Stereo Pravda’s founder Misha Kucherenko’s [...]
  6. Ubiquitous as the silhouette of the V-Twin engine on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, McIntosh Labs’ top products all feature a pair of blue output level meters, joined by a bright green, backlit glow of the controls adorning the thick glass-front panel. Today that blue and green glow is modulated by LED lighting (instead of the [...]
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