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  1. Elekit TU-8340VK Amplifier, Part 1 of 2 by Steve Graham In fact, this new amplifier isn’t even your father’s Elekit. Up to now, Elekit power amps have been single-ended (not push-pull), and except for the 300B-sporting TU-8300R, a bit underpowered in my estimation. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – as long as you have a sympathetic room and speakers. With the TU-8340VK, Elekit is going mainstream in a big way. It’s a push-pull amp that can use output tubes ranging from 6L6GC’s (32wpc ultralinear, 18wpc triode) to KT150’s (50wpc ultralinear, 28wpc triode) and tubes between these two extremes including EL34’s and 6550s’, to name but a few. The user can even switch between ultralinear and triode mode ‘on the fly’ – the partial disassembly required to access jumpers, as was the case with some earlier Elekit amps, is a handy switch with the 8340. Four 12AT7/ECC81 tubes are employed, for phase splitting and voltage amplification duty. But let’s back up a bit to 2016. Victor Kung (of vkmusic.ca) is the North American distributor of the Japanese-made Elekit audio products. Calling Victor a distributor is a disservice, it sounds cold and commercial. Victor is passionate about good sound and the DIY [...]
  2. Domestic Harmony: The 6th and concluding part of the Jamie and Paul series By Steve Graham As followers of “The Vinyl Café” on CBC radio will have heard Stuart McLean has passed away. Stuart was a well-known writer, broadcaster and humorist. My condolences go out to Stuart’s family, friends and colleagues. I started writing this series as a bit of a tribute, albeit a poor one, to Stuart’s popular Dave and Morley series of stories in his weekly broadcasts. Though not to everyone’s taste, the “The Vinyl Café” was if nothing else harmless and charming. Stuart, through his broadcasts, promoted Canadian music and Canadian musicians, which is no bad thing.       Weekend at the Lake “You’re getting right sneaky in your old age, keeping this trip to yourself,” Jamie remarked to Paul as they made their way along the Queen Elizabeth Way to Niagara-On-The-Lake. “Hey, not so much of the ‘old’, thank you,” countered Paul. “You know you’re hard to surprise, it’s not often that I can.” “And it was especially sneaky arranging with Lisa to take my Friday and Monday yoga classes and keeping all of this a secret from me until the night before, I barely had [...]
  3. Well, many thanks to Frank Fazzalari; his audio meet was a resounding success! There was a great turnout of people, and everyone was buzzing about the excellent sounds and cool products on display. There was pizza, drinks and munchies too, and good conversation. It was awesome to see some old friends again. Here are some pics and my assorted comments. Coherent audio meet at Carmen’s, March 6th 2017   Coherent’s glorious Model 15 were the star performers, seen here flanked by the Model 12GR.   A closer look at the electronics. Triode Lab 2A3 SET amp on the right; Transcendent’s OTL amp on the left side. On the shelf are the preamp and DAC, being fed by a Macbook Pro running JRiver, and displayed by a Sanyo screen projector.   Coheren’t Model 10GR on display showing its internal lattice construction. (WoS is currently reviewing this model)   The heart of Coherent’s flagship speaker is the Radian 5215B BeNeo driver. Seen beside it is the heart of all Frank’s speakers – his custom design crossover.   A closer look at the Coherent 308 crossover. The inductor is cleverly sandwiched between the mounting pads and out of sight. For more on Frank’s Mundorf-based crossovers [...]
  4. Our friend Frank Fazzalari of Coherent Speakers is organizing an Audio Meet in Hamilton, that will showcase some of our local audio talent, with items including: Coherent loudspeakers Triode Lab amplifiers Transcendent Sound’s OTL Son Of Beast amp Furutech & Mundorf, from AUDIYO (Simon Au will be there) Nordost / QRT Fluxion amplifiers A selection of used LP’s for sale ….and more I’m planning to be there and hope to see some of the locals I’ve met over the years. This gathering will take place on Monday March 6th, from 5:30 to 10:00pm, at Carmen’s Best Western Premier C in Hamilton. (in the Castelli Ballroom) Some light refreshments will be served. Location: http://carmenshotel.com/contact For more info, please email Frank:[email protected] Update: for pics and highlights from the meet, look here: http://wallofsound.ca/misc/news/photos-from-the-coherent-speakers-audio-meet-in-hamilton/  
  5.  My Altec Adventures (continued) By Steve Graham   The media room renovation is almost complete.  The room has essentially a nine foot ceiling.  A small part eight feet high, roughly in the centre, runs side to side and conceals duct work.  About half of the floor has been covered with Dricore™ and the rest has been raised slightly.  The blue on walls and ceiling have been covered with paint of a neutral colour, new carpet in neutral shade has been laid, new wood blinds hung and the base board and door trim reinstalled.  A few of the acoustic treatments have been remounted on the walls but I’m hesitant to go further until the Altecs return.  The TV sound is listenable but I still have a few slap-echo problems to deal with. I was looking at the acoustic treatment on the walls of the local multiplex movie theatre the last time I was there.  From my research I suspect that the cloth covered treatments at the theatre contain Roxul® Rockboard®.     The Altec cabinets, apart from having a certain ‘aroma’, are also pretty beat up.  The master plan is to make new cabinets and “improve” on the originals at the same [...]
  6.   by Steve Graham   Since the last update I’ve been corresponding with Hari S. (I hope I’ve spelled his name correctly now), the buyer of the first N-F-P.  Hari had questions about improvements to the N-F-P.  Before returning the tubes used in the 6DJ8 shootout to Thetubestore.com, I decided to have one last listen to the Genalexes in the prototype N-F-P.  After that I connected the ARC Ref 3 back into my system. The tube set in the prototype is the same as the one Hari bought, NOS Tesla input tubes and new production JJ in the output positions.  The tracks used for comparison were: Digging in the Dirt from Peter Gabriel’s Secret World Live, Golden Heart from Mark Knopfler’s album Golden Heart and The Mystic’s Dream from Loreena McKennitt’s album The Mask and Mirror. The following comments I sent to Hari: The Tesla/JJ combo: Not the ultimate in resolution but pleasing sound.  The bass, depending on personal tastes and the system they’re used in could be called a little over-ripe or if it matches your tastes you might call it “organic” as I do.  The midrange and treble are pleasant, again not the ultimate but they play together [...]
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