Record Cleaning Fluid

Record Cleaning FluidThe premiere product from L'Art du Son is a new and revolutionary Record cleaning solution developed after years of research by founder and analogue devotee Martina Schoener. The cleaning fluid has the following features:

  • Concentrate makes up to 5 liters of cleaning fluid when added to ordinary distilled water.
  • Contains NO alcohol which can damage LPs
  • Use of Environmentally friendly formula components
  • Dramatic increase in dynamic contrasts from LP playback
  • Improved bass response from LP playback
  • Vast improvement in overall soundstage clarity from LP playback
  • Increased stage depth and sense of musical ease from LP playback
  • Substantial reduction in LP noise floor resulting in improved clarity and instrumental definition
  • Increased LP longevity


CD/DVD Optical Treatment

LDS digThe newest member of the L'Art du Son family is a sprayed-on treatment for optical discs that both cleans and conditions the surface of CDs, DVDs, or SACDs. We have performed tests with multiple discs (one left untreated and the others treated with one of a few different fluids), where we listen to the untreated disc and then the treated ones, and in every case the L'Art du Son gave the best results in terms of transparency, dynamic agility, and a sense of organic smoothness and lack of fatigue more often associated with analog disc playback. In the latest The Absolute Sound (issue 155), Harry Pearson runs a comparison test of L'Art du Son optical cleaner and proclaims that it is the one to buy. If you order and try some of this CD/DVD/SACD cleaner/conditioner, I am confident that you will feel the same way.



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