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Teo Audio is the outcome of two intellectually itinerant inveterate tinkerers, and that tinkering has translated into some very interesting products.

One tinkerer has had success in screen coatings, which morphed into Goo Systems.

The other tinkerer dude has been engaged in noise and vibration control, along with a major side order of acoustics.

Over time, many an innovative solution has been brought to bear on hither to difficult to solve problems.

So far, Teo Audio has brought innovation to the audio field by developing Liquid Metal Cables and the Liquid Metal Preamplifier.

A veritable cornucopia of other innovations have yet to be released.

The Teo Audio equipment rack, shown here and in the large home page system images, is unique in several ways. The shelves are of aluminum foam, a material available in various densities and extremely strong and rigid yet very lightweight, which enables excellent vibration control and tuning. Judiciously placed damping materials are used, and the shelves are resiliently yet firmly mounted to the Baltic birch plywood frame, using Teo Audio's Juicy Gems.

The rack is available in many configurations including single and double width and with different numbers of shelves to suit customer needs.

Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Teo Audio equipment rack Teo Audio equipment rack

Diamond dampers are a world class proper damping system for isolating equipment from mounting borne mechanical noise and for draining mechanical noise out of equipment.

Both conditions are enacted simultaneously via the single application of a diamond damper per equipment mount point.

If the damper is placed under a rounded spike mount point, this is considered to be the most effective application. This creates an 'xyz' mechanical noise absorption and isolation, as the dimpled material can work to dissipate energy front to back, left to right, and up and down.

Diamond Dampers

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