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Aurender, the brand name of the Smart Audio Division of TVLogic, Ltd., is respected worldwide for their award-winning Music Servers that make browsing and listening to high-resolution music collections fun and easy for audiophiles and average consumers alike. Aurender (WideaLab Inc.) was started in 2010 by Harry Lee, an engineer with a vision of products that marry convenience with performance. It was merged with TVLogic, Ltd. in 2012.

TVLogic, Ltd. was recently named one of “Asia’s Best 200 Companies Under a Billion” by Forbes magazine.

Aurender’s North American operation is based in Burbank, California. Established in 2012, this facility handles warehousing and service for all Aurender products. Sales administration and technical support are also performed at this location.

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Product brochure (Sept. 2015)

Aurender X725


The Aurender X725 is an all-in-one DAC, preamplifier and power amplifier designed to simplify the task of configuring and setting up a High-Resolution audio system. As the DAC, preamplifier and power amplifier are conveniently built in, all you need to do is to connect the speakers to the Aurender X725. Simply have a USB cable, power cord, Ethernet cable and a pair of speaker cables ready and you are all set!

An audio system designed around the Aurender X725 and X100 music player will use fewer cables and fewer audio components than a traditional analog based audio system, and can be set up much more quickly and easily. The Aurender X725 is ideal for music lovers who don't have the patience or space for all the "Audiophile clutter" but want to maintain the sound quality.

The digital audio signal received to the USB audio input of X725 from the X100 or N100 is converted to an analog signal by the internal DAC. The preamplifier section controls volume and source selection, and the power amplifier amplifies the audio signal to power the speakers. And, the fun iPad or Android app controls all!

Main Features

  • Elegant machined aluminum chassis
  • Designed for quiet operation
  • USB interface for high quality audio
  • Auxiliary optical SPDIF input (useful for connecting additional audio sources, including CD players.)
  • Supports all major high resolution audio formats
  • Plays up to 24/192kHz, DSD64/128 in native mode
  • Power rating : 100W per channel at 8 ohms, THD+N 0.01%
  • IR remote controller
Model Name X725 USB DAC & Amplifier
User Interface IR Remote Controller, Aurender App ( via X100 ), Volume Knob
?Volume Control Range -95dB ~ 0dB?
Output Power? 2 x 100W @ 0.01% THD+N, 8ohm?
?Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20kHz ( <+/-0.5dB )?
Digital I/O? 1 Audio USB, 1 Optical SPDIF?
Analog I/O? Stereo Speaker Output?
?Dimension ?215 x 55 x 355 mm
8.5 x 2.2 x 14.0 inches
?Weight ?4.7kg
10.4 lb
Aurender X725 frontAurender X725 rear
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