Creative Cable Concepts strives to make only the finest sounding audio products that you can use on your audio system. All of their products consist of only the finest materials, handmade in the USA.

Each analog and digital interconnect is filled a with liquid RFI/EMI blocker to maximize control of noise and to eliminate microvibrations.

Analog InterconnectsModel 12.0 analog interconnects

Model 12.0

Low noise, high resolution. Harmonically rich tonal balance.
$600/1m pair, $100/m add'l

Digital Interconnects

Green Hornet

The Green Hornet's ability to resolve digital information will surprise you.
$300/1m, $75/m add'l

Silver BulletBlack Ribbon speaker cables

It simply makes digital sound like analog. A true giant killer.
$600/1m, $150/m add'l

Speaker Cables

Black Ribbon

Musical and rich sounding, dynamic and full. $800/8 ft. Banana terminations standard, spades available


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