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Teo Audio is the outcome of two intellectually itinerant inveterate tinkerers, and that tinkering has translated into some very interesting products.

One tinkerer has had success in screen coatings, which morphed into Goo Systems.

The other tinkerer dude has been engaged in noise and vibration control, along with a major side order of acoustics.

Over time, many an innovative solution has been brought to bear on hither to difficult to solve problems.

So far, Teo Audio has brought innovation to the audio field by developing Liquid Metal Cables and the Liquid Metal Preamplifier.

A veritable cornucopia of other innovations have yet to be released.

Ken Hotte, Teo Audio partner

The physics of Teo Audio cables is different than all other audio cables. Fundamentally so. This is critical, as aspects go. It is not marketing hype to say that the transmission of signal in the Teo Audio cables is fundamentally different and more correct than all others.

Only Teo Audio cables present the signal with a transmission environment that is proper for the signal.

Signal is an ionic plasma, an electron charge, in balance offset, which is what propels it, or drives it.

Ken Hotte, Teo Audio partner

Signal is inherently a plasma. Ionic plasma, or an electron cloud, with a pressure differential, with respect to the variant we call an 'audio signal'.

In the case of an audio signal, one with a widely varying dynamic component.

Solids, or lattice structures, as like that of 'wire', for example, are not even close to being the correct environment for a high variance, high dynamic shifting ion cloud.

RCA Unbalanced

ApheHelios (Splash)Splash Rc RCA

1 m $1,000
1.5 m $1,400
2 m $1,800
2.5 m $2,200
3 m $2,600
3.5 m $3,000
4 m $3,400
4.5 m $3,800
5 m $4,200

Splash Rs (silver)

1 m $2,500
1.5 m $3,000
2 m $3,500
2.5 m $4,000
3 m $4,500

Splash Rc (copper)

1 m $2,300
1.5 m $2,700
2 m $3,100
2.5 m $3,500
3 m $3,900


Standard Mk II

1 m $1,600
1.5 m $2,200
2 m $2,800
2.5 m $3,400
3 m $4,000




Standard Mk II

1 m $2,200
1.5 m $3,100
2 m $4,000
2.5 m $4,900
3 m $5,800



Standard Mk II

1.5 m $11,725
2 m $16,500
2.5 m $21,000
over 2.5 m inquire

ParaHelios Mk III (Reference)

1.5 m $28,000
2 m $28,000
2.5 m $36,000
3 m $47,000
3.5 m $62,000



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