Music library transfer and CD ripping

Because we really do want to be Your Music Destination, Essential Audio offers this extraordinary level of service. As a dealer committed to the best possible digital performance, we have the tools and the knowledge to apply them for your benefit and long term listening enjoyment.

We provide this service for your ease and enjoyment of your music playback and streaming system.

Due to the level of detail and effort required for this service, it is offered only for digital music systems purchased from us.

CD ripping

We use a CD autoripper which accommodates up to 100 discs at a time for efficient processing as error-free as possible.

What the service includes

  • Ripping of your CD collection, free quantity ranging from 200 to 1000 discs based upon your level of purchase, more when purchased with a DAC, etc. Additional at $1 per disc.
  • Optional treatment of your CDs with Essence of Music prior to ripping, for best sound, $1 per disc. Highly recommended. We can demonstrate the difference to you.
  • Transfer of your music from external hard drive(s) to your music server. This can be from systems using software such as JRiver Media Center and iTunes.
  • Cover art and metadata are transferred and/or put into the music server to the fullest extent possible, including missing cover art.
  • If you have a NAS, assistance with integrating music stored on it into your music playback system.

Computer network configuration is not included. If you do not care to do this yourself please get help from a friend or a computer professional. However, we are happy to assist you as much as possible and recommend how to integrate digital music streaming into your system.

batch ripping Metadata album art

Legal: Prior to provision of this service, customer must agree that he assumes sole responsibility and liability for all content and agrees to indemnify and hold blameless Essential Audio, who shall not retain any copies of content.

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