Manufacturer Model Description New Sell
Mission 770 series Audio/home theater speaker system: -- 800
(2) 774 floor standing mains - beech
(2) 77DSB surrounds - black
(1) 770AS subwoofer - black
All in immaculate condition, in original boxes. Photos available.
Velodyne SPL 108V Subwoofer. Local sale preferred 1000 300
(SPL-1000 Series II)
Marantz TT-15 S1
turntable with tonearm, spare belt, original box and manual. Made by Clearaudio. Setup included with your purchase! 1500 400
Cables and Power
Goertz MI2 Veracity speaker cables, rhodium bananas both ends:
(1) 10 ft. pair 255 130
(1) 9 ft. single 108 50
Isoclean Focus (demo) power cord, 2 meters 1250 450
Isoclean Focus (demo) 3.0m speaker cables, spades 3700 1400
MIT MH-750 8 ft. speaker cables, spades 150
The original Music Hose, a classic at a great price!
Teo Audio Standard 1.5m RCA interconnects - 2 pairs available 3622/pair call
Traded in on the Mk II version, these can be upgraded to near Mk II for the cost of shipping. New Mk II are $4250/pr.
Teo Audio Standard Mk II 1.5m RCA interconnects - 2 pairs available 4250/pair call
Traded in on the Reference ICs
Teo Audio MHD-1 1.05m balanced interconnects 3500/pair call
These are the second generation cables just before the Standard and are very nearly as remarkable.
Demo - with full lifetime warranty
Teo Audio Standard Mk II 1.5m SPDIF (RCA) digital interconnect 2200 call
TG Audio HSR 4 ft. speaker cables 250
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